Eye Examination

Aleš Žejdl Eye Studio has been offering expert optometric eye examination services for over 15 years. In our work, we primarily rely on the high level of expertise of our opticians and optometrists, latest examination methods and procedures and top-notch technological equipment. Thanks to these aspects, we are able to guarantee faultless results of vision correction – no compromises. An equally important part of our work comprises of suggesting a specific corrective optical aid (glasses, contact lenses, or their combination) that best corresponds to the individual needs of each of our clients.

For us, refraction correction is not just about dioptre measurement. We are able to measure each refractive error with high, 0.12-dioptre precision. In addition, thanks to the use of a revolutionary 3D vision correction system, we have come as close to a natural solution for vision defects as possible.

For every glasses wearer, in addition to perfect visual acuity, visual comfort is also very important. That is why one of our long-standing concerns is the examination of binocular visual functions. It is the only way to achieve optimal performance of extraocular muscles and resolve often nonspecific problems such as burning eyes and eye fatigue, headaches, double vision, etc. These are very demanding investigative procedures, requiring the continuous training of our optometrists, who regularly participate in professional events, both as the audience and as lecturers.

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An optometrist is a university-trained healthcare professional specialising in the precise examination of visual functions, the determination of the corresponding dioptric correction and its resolution by glasses or contact lenses. Optometrists also evaluate the overall condition of the visual apparatus and, in the event of any health concerns, suggest further steps in cooperation with an ophthalmologist. Based on the client's vision needs and the dioptric values measured, they will help you choose the right corrective optical aid (glasses).

Eye examination by an optometrist is considered above-standard care and is, therefore, not covered by health insurance. In our Eye Studio, we spend about 45 minutes per session with each of our clients. If necessary, however, our specialist attending to you may decide to include additional examination procedures. We always take into account the individual requirements and needs of each client. Furthermore, all our clients are provided a “happy vision” guarantee, thanks to which they can be certain that they are leaving with a corrective aid that will provide them with maximum visual comfort.

             Img: The examination includes the examination of the anterior segment of the eye on a slit lamp.

We recommend you have regular
eye examinations at least once a year.

Aleš Žejdl Eye Studio is one of the leading opticians in the sale of progressive spectacle lenses. Thanks to many years of experience with these products and close cooperation with the world's largest manufacturers, we have accumulated a great deal of experience and can now offer our know-how to our clients in the form of carefully selected and crafted glasses. Despite the best efforts of our specialists and their high-quality work, however, in rare cases we do encounter a negative reaction from the wearers of multifocal lenses. The vast majority of such cases concerns a rejective reaction of the visual and vestibular brain regions to an unusual visual stimulus. Although we try to identify such potential problems in advance and offer these clients alternative solutions, our efforts in this respect may not always be 100% successful. In these unique cases, our clients have the exclusive opportunity to make use of the “happy vision” guarantee and receive glasses that will truly meet their needs. We are trying to counter the majority of the negative effects of eyewear by offering individual spectacle lenses. This is a revolutionary and highly specialised category of products that take into account the individual habits of each glasses wearer, thus being able to offer maximum visual acuity in every viewing direction. To maximize the potential of these lenses, we are currently using the latest ImpressionIST 3 terminal.

Our stores are registered as non-state healthcare facilities and comply with strict healthcare standards that regulate staffing and equipment.