Contact Lenses

Would you like to try wearing contact lenses? Are you not satisfied with your current contact lenses?
Don´ t hesitate to contact our team of professional optometrists. They will examine your eyes precisely, using the most recent equipment and techniques. They will also explain to you how to keep your contact lenses clean and avoid complications.
The wide range of contact lenses provides the possibility of wearing contact lenses with maximum comfort to almost everyone. The best is always to combine wearing contact lenses with wearing glasses.

Contact lens consultation (contact lens eye examination and contact lens fitting)

Our professional optometrists are in each of our stores throughout the day to perform a precise eye examination for determining therefractive error and fitting contact lenses.
The first examination lasts about one hour. After this examination, we will suggest the type of contact lenses that is the most suitable for you.
Contact lens consultation includes a visual test for distance and near. It also includes measurement of additional parameters necessary for choosing the right contact lenses. The results of the measurement can be used for having your glasses made as well. During this session, you will learn how to manipulate your contact lenses, put them in your eyes and take them out again. We will also explain to you how to take care of them and give you a pair of trial contact lenses.
This visit includes determining the exact refractive error (diopter) for glasses and contact lenses, examination of the anterior segment of the eye, the selection of lens type , contact lens fitting, a pair of trial contact lenses according to your individual requirements and the subsequent check-up.

What are the steps of the contact lens eye examinatio and fitting session?

1. Taking the anamnesis (medical history). Discussion about your needs and expectations.
2. The eye examination (if you are a contact lens wearer, it is important to take your contact lenses out of your eyes at least 2 hours prior to examination), a keratometric measurement of your cornea.
3. Examination of the anterior segment of the eye using a slit lamp, evaluation of your tear film.
4. Selection of the best type of contact lenses suitable for you – we have a wide range of trial contact lenses in stock, we only need to order trials of progressive, bifocals and some of the toric contact lenses.
5. Fitting of the trial contact lenses into the client´s eye.
6. Check – up of applied contact lenses.
7. Training the client how to manipulate contact lenses, how to take care of them, clean them and avoid complications.
To correct presbyopia, we may offer you the choice of multifocal lenses. Another option is monovision. This is a special contact lens fitting technique where one eye is corrected for distance vision and the other eye is corrected for near vision.
You always need to book a slot for the first consultation of the contacts. You can use ONLINE BOOKING  here.

Loyalty programme
After your first examination you will receive our Loyalty Programme card. Here, we will record all of your purchases of contacts in our optical store. You can get a discount of between 5 – 10 % on your contacts or contact lens solution.