Eye glass lenses

Eye glass lenses
3D Eye examination together with the Rodenstock’s patented 3D video measurement terminal represent the most advanced technology for the spectacle selection. Rodenstock’s patented 3D video measurement terminal allows us to order the costume made eye glasses for you. These glasses respect your visual needs.Read more below about the Rodenstock Impressionist terminal, that we use in all our optical stores.
Advantages at a glance:
• Perfect vision thanks to made-to-measure lenses
• Clear and straightforward frame selection
• Personal lens consultation for the best buying decision


Selecting the right frame
Which frame suits you best? Which tints and coatings create the most impact in your chosen frame shape? Thanks to the simultaneous on-screen display of up to four portrait photos, there is an immediate answer to this question - a major advantage especially for customers with strong prescriptions. And if you need a little longer in making your decision, feel free to take the photos home with you; we would be happy to print them out.

Selecting the right lenses
Once you have found the frames of your choice, our modern consultation program will show you the differences between the various lens options available, giving you an opportunity to compare the weight, thickness, and vision performance of different lens types. This makes selecting the perfect lens quite simple.

Simple and convenient measurement process

During the third stage we take the measurements necessary for precise fitting, such as the shape of your face, the centering of your eyes, as well as the fit and shape of your frame. Thanks to the innovative 3D video centring system, this is quite easy: We will take two photos simultaneously from different angles, allowing for a three dimensional eye measurement. This means that all the relevant parameters can be recorded and directly transmitted to the manufacturing of your made-to-measure lenses. This guarantees you ultra-sharp eyesight and optimum in-wear comfort.

Img: The Rodenstock’s 3D video measurement terminal is used for frames and eye glasses selection.

Eye Glass Categories
We divide the spectacle glasses based on the material they are made from, e.g, Glass lenses (made from glass) or plastic.
Glass lenses are heavy and can break easily, potentially causing serious harm to the eye. Mainly for these reasons, glass lenses are no longer widely used for eyeglasses.
Plastic lenses are light weight (about half the weight of glass), low cost, offer excellent optical qualities and 100% UV filter. These are the reasons they are popular eyeglass lenses today.
We can also speak about the lenses categories that are based on their purpose and their dioptres as:
Single vision lenses (provide you with the sharp vision either for the far or for the near).
Progressive lenses (these lenses provide you with the sharp vision for the far and for the near as well).
Special purpose lenses (for riding, sports, for working on PC etc..).

Img.: Progressive lenses provide you with the sharp vision for the far and for the near as well.